Baby, it’s Consent Outside


So this is what my spouse and I got up to tonight, since the holidays are coming up AND it’s cold and snowy in Chicago. I thought I’d share it with all of you.

Visual description for those who can’t see the video: Two people (me and my spouse) sitting on a couch. We start out kissing before they start singing and hold hands through the video.


To the tune of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”
Violet: I really can’t stay.
Benny: Oh, is it that late already?
Violet: I’ve got to go away.
Benny: I’m sorry to hear that.
Violet: This even has been so very nice.
Benny: I agree, it’s been really nice.
Violet: But Mother will start to worry.
Benny: Oh, I wouldn’t want to worry your Mom!
Violet: And Father will be pacing the floor.
Benny: I wouldn’t want to worry your father either.
Violet: Really, I’d better scurry.
Benny: Oh, I’m sorry. I hate to see you go.
Violet: But if you insist I’ll have a half a drink more.
Benny: Well, there is still wine in your glass.
Violet: The neighbors will faint!
Benny: Why do your neighbors care?
Violet: Oh but it’s cold outside.
Benny: That’s true. I’ll get your coat.
(both laugh and kiss)
Violet: Thank you for respecting me.

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    • Sure! I got my Wisconsin license taken care of and I am still waiting on the background check for the job. So far no one has objected but it hasn’t been completed yet. So things are still in limbo, but we’ll see. I definitely cannot get an IL license until I get a passport.

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