Quickies: Marriage Equality, Trans Woman Killed, Boy Scout Ban

  • Bakeries the New LGBT Rights Battleground – Bakeries refusing to make cakes for same-sex weddings have generally lost in court. Now a CO man has filed a discrimination complaint after a pro-equality bakery refused to write anti-gay messages on a cake. These bakery suits are testing the lines between the freedom of speech and anti-discrimination laws.
  • Marriage Equality Coming to Alabama – A federal court struck down Alabama’s same-sex marriage ban on Friday. Initially, the ruling was set to go into effect immediately, but last night the judge issued a 14-day stay to allow the opposition to file an appeal.
  • Civil Unions Are Coming to Chile – Chile’s House of Representatives approved a bill with wide governmental backing to allow for civil unions for couples of any genders. It is expected to easily pass the Senate and then be signed by President Bachelet, who has stated that civil unions were a priority.
  • Murdered Trans Woman Misgendered by Media – The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs report that local media covering the shooting death of Lamia Beard have misgendered her and included irrelevant information about her past arrests in their coverage. Lamia Beard was shot last Saturday and died in the hospital.
  • The State of Transgender America – The Washington Post outlines eight challenges still facing transgender Americans. (Just eight?)
  • OK State Rep. Sally Kern Targets LGBTs with Tree Bills – Kern gained notoriety for claiming that the “homosexual agenda” was a greater threat than terrorism. The bills would (1) bar those issuing same sex marriage licences from receiving government salaries, (2) guard the rights of parents imposing “conversion therapy” on their children, and (3) allow OK businesses to refuse to serve LGBTs.
  • CA Judges Banned From Joining Boy Scouts – CA judges have long been banned from joining groups that discriminate against protected classes in their memberships, but religious and youth groups have been exempt from the rule. Now youth groups are no longer exempt, making the BSA, which allows gay youth members but forbids gay adults from leading packs, off limits.

Featured Image: Lamia Beard via Facebook

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