Looking for Writers!


Update 2/6/2015: We’ve had an amazing amount of interest in writing for Queereka! I have decided to close down our call for writers for now. If you were not selected this time around, please keep an eye on Queereka for future calls for writers. Thanks!

Queereka is looking for more writers! The gig requires with some commitment and provides zero monetary pay, but what it lacks in generating coin is made up for with friendship and love! And glitter! So what are we looking for?

At a minimum, applicants should self-identify as queer (by which we mean any non-normative sex, gender, or sexuality) and be knowledgeable about skepticism and feminism. We are particularly interested in bringing on queer people of color, as well as trans*, bisexual, pansexual, and asexual folks, but all applications will be considered.

Some further details:

  • You should be able to write clearly and concisely
  • A sense of humor is a must (especially on lighthearted posts, though sarcasm certainly has its rightful place in more serious discussions)
  • You need to be able to handle an increased e-mail load (it comes from other writers as well as readers)
  • You gotta be prepared for the occasional assholes that appear from time to time, though we do not hesitate to smack them down
  • You should be able to commit to posting a minimum of at least once every 1-2 weeks

Are you still interested? Great! Here’s how to apply:

  • Fill out the Help Wanted contact form
  • Tell us a little bit about yourself, including how you identify (e.g., genderqueer, transgender, bisexual, etc.) and your relevant interests.
  • What sorts of issues would you like to write about?
  • A link to any writing samples is definitely helpful, but not required.

If you don’t fit these criteria but think you know someone who does, please send them our way!

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