Quickies: STIs, TWoCs, Turing’s Notes Found

  • “A Black Queer Boy Sees an HIV Statistic” – Maurice Tracy’s powerful essay on HIV, intersectionality, shaming, and LGBT politics.
  • Syphilis Blinds Two Gays in the Seattle Area – “There’s been a bit of an ocular syphilis outbreak locally—four cases in King County in December, and two more statewide, with all four of the King County cases identified among gay men… If untreated, a syphilis infection can attack the nervous system and cause permanent blindness, as it did with two of the recent patients in King County.” Remember to get tested often and use condoms.
  • iPhone Dongle Tests for HIV and Syphilis – Researchers have developed a handheld iPhone attachment that can analyze blood and test for HIV in syphilis in about 15 min. The device costs just $34 and can be run by anyone who can use a smart phone.
  • With Same-Sex Marriage Set to Begin in AL, Some Judges Refuse to Licence – Some judges would rather stop issuing all marriage licences than allow same-sex couples to marry. Those who refuse to issue only same-sex marriage licences could be arrested for disobeying a federal judge’s orders.
  • Private TX School Defends Decision to Expel Student for Being Gay – Austin Wallis attended a private Christian school in Huston, TX. Two weeks ago, he was given an ultimatum by his principal: delete his entire online presence and go back into the closet, or leave. In a Youtube video, Wallis said, “When I came out I knew I was going to have bullies, and I knew people were not going to be OK with it,’ he said. ‘But I never expected it to be from the people who were supposed to protect you from the bullies.”
  • Another Trans Woman of Color Murdered This Month – Taja DeJesus of San Francisco is mourned by her family and friends. She was killed February 1st, and the main suspect was found near the crime scene dead from apparently self-inflicted wounds.
  • Activists Disrupt Conference Following Police Death of Queer Latina – Activists stormed an LGBTQ conference demanding greater police accountability following the death of Jessie Hernandez, who was 17 when she was shot by police while driving a stolen car.
  • “Turkish Court Fines Bathhouse Owner for Refusing Transgender Woman Entry” – Ebru Kiranci and a cis female friend were barred entry to a traditional Turkish women’s bath house Dec 26, 2013 in Istanbul. Now the bath house has been fined 3,000 Liras for discrimination.
  • Alan Turing’s Enigma Code Notes Found – “‘Discovering these pieces of code-breaking ephemera is incredibly exciting and provides yet more insight into how the codebreakers worked,’ said Ian Stander, chief executive of the Bletchley Park Trust.”
  • Spanish Department Store Web Short Features Gay Cupid – The video features a gay man dressed as Cupid offering perfume samples, when he encounters a friend and proceeds to flirt bashfully. English translation in the comments.

Featured image: Taja DeJesus via Erika DeJesus

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  1. “Dallas Lusk, the head of Lutheran High North, claimed the allegations were ‘misrepresented’ but made clear students are banned from promoting ‘anything sinful’.
    ‘Lutheran High North reserves the right, within its sole discretion, to refuse admission of an applicant and/or to discontinue enrollment of a current student participating in, promoting, supporting or condoning: pornography, sexual immorality, homosexual activity or bisexual activity; or displaying an inability or resistance to support the qualities and characteristics required of a Biblically based and Christ-like lifestyle,’ he made clear was in the school’s guide book”

    So, he claims the allegations are misrepresented, but makes clear that he absolutely would do exactly what was accused.

    Meanwhile the superintendent of the Lutheran area: “‘Lutheran High North welcomes all students and their families to the LHN community,’ Kramer stated in response to Wallis’s video. -”
    Fuck you, no you don’t.

    • Sorry, I’m just very angry about this sort of crap. Combined with that asshole saying that transgender people don’t need to go to the bathroom because nobody does, going to the bathroom is a choice… I’m all out of patience with these fuckheads.

    • Yes, when I read the article, I didn’t see anything LHN said that was worth repeating. They’re a private Xian school, so they can kick people out for whatever dumb religious reasons they choose. It’s unfortunate Wallis had that experience, but he’s better off not being surrounded by homophobic bigots.

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