7 Trans and Genderqueer Musicians to Check Out


Trans and genderqueer musicians almost never get the recognition they deserve, and as a result, they can sometimes be seriously hard to find. So, after a bit of a trawl through the internet, I’ve put together a list of some super cool trans and/or genderqueer musicians that I really like – hopefully you’ll like them too.

1. Anjimile are an indie rock band from Boston named after their lead singer, Anjimile Yvonne, who is black, genderqueer and a staunch social justice advocate. The singing is gorgeous, and their style is occasionally chilled, occasionally more upbeat, but always lyrical and thoughtful.
One track to check outThe Arboretum

2. Rae Spoon lived as a trans man for around ten years before confirming that they identify as neither a man nor a woman and use they/them pronouns. They’re actually one of my favourite musicians on this list – their music is a little bit folky, a little bit indie and a little electronic, ethereal and sometimes mournful.
One track to check outOcean Blue, particularly if you’re a Death in Venice fan.

3. Aye Nako are a Brooklyn band. Their music is punky and upbeat, and probably the closest thing to “feel-good” music on this list.
One track to check outMolasses

4. Hurray for the Riff Raff play a mix of americana and folk-blues, count a queer singer and a trans fiddle-player among their members, and sound awesome.
One track to check outThe Body Electric deals with the acceptance of violence against women, PoC and members of the LGBTQ community, so may be triggering for some.

5. CN Lester has done a huge amount of queer advocacy in the UK, including cofounding the Queer Youth Network. They are a classical pianist and a singer, and their music is simple, yet melodic and deeply beautiful.
One track to check outAether

6. Dalice Malice plays a mix of alt-country, americana and folk. Her music is raw and occasionally a little bit sad, and she seriously knows what she’s doing with a guitar.
One track to check outYankee Girl

7. Last but definitely not least, Against Me! were already a successful punk band when their lead singer, Laura Jane Grace came out as trans. Since then the band have written prolifically on trans issues.
One track to check outTransgender Dysphoria Blues.

Obviously, this isn’t a comprehensive list of all the awesome trans and genderqueer musicians out there who aren’t getting the recognition they deserve, so if you have any names to add to the list, just drop them into the comments section below.

Feature image is the cover art from Anjimile’s ‘Human Nature’, taken from

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  1. Sweet! Another couple of good artists are Wendy Carlos, who is famous for doing Moog Synthesizer renditions of classical music. She also did the soundtrack for “A Clockwork Orange.”

    Then there’s Mal Blum. Articles keeping call them “she,” but Mal said on their Tumblr that they prefer “they.”

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