Quickies: Fallout in IN, More Bills in 23 States, Maher Has “Dear Muslimina” Moment

  • Indiana Faces Backlash Over “Religious Freedom” Law – NPR has a roundup of various groups who have vowed to #BoycottIndiana after the state passed a law allowing businesses and individuals to discriminate against LGBTs, women, and other minorities under the guise of “religious freedom.” Vocal opponents of the law include George Takei, who started #BoycottIndiana, GenCon LLC, who are threatening to move their convention to another state, corporations like Sales Force and Angie’s List, who are halting their expansion in the state.
  • Indiana State Website Temporarily Down in DDOS Attack – More fallout from the passage of SB 101.
  • Pro-Discrimination Legislation in the Works in 23 More States – Despite the fallout, bills like the one passed in Indiana are being crafted in 23 more states, including Arkansas. On top of that, 12 states are taking aim at transgender people.
  • IN Gov Wants to “Clarify” “Religious Freedom” Law – In response to the fallout over SB 101, Gov. Pence is pushing for legislation to clarify the SB 101 so that it won’t promote anti-LGBT discrimination. (What’s left, blocking access to women’s healthcare?) The article goes on to describes the types of anti-LGBT legislation popping up around the country and the current status of anti-discrimination protections.
  • “Media claims killer co-pilot Andreas Lubitz was gay” – Tabloids are claiming that Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot who intentionally crashed a Germanwings flight, killing himself and all 150 passengers on board, suffered from “secret gay torment.”
  • Get Hard Has One Joke: Gay Sex is Gross – “It was a little after this point — around an hour in — that I walked out of the screening. Yes, the idea that gay men and gay sex are loathsome is offensive. But offensiveness isn’t what moved me out of my seat. What sealed the deal was that these dated gay jokes were done in a lazy, shopworn way. And they were delivered over and over again.”
  • Evangelical Teen Torture Camps Unregulated, Unaccountable – David Wernsman talks about his months long abduction and abuse at the hands of a so-called “residential treatment program,” in his case for being gay.
  • Bill Maher Goes “Dear Muslimina” on Dolce and Gabbana Fallout – According to Maher, it’s okay to criticize ISIS and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, but we’re not allowed to boycott Dolce and Gabbana. Listen to this rich, cis-het, white dude explain which homophobia is worth criticizing and which we’re supposed to just take. Or don’t.

Featured image: ACLU media reports via Vox

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