Quickies: Discriminatory State Laws, TWoC White House Briefing, Malta Protects Intersex Babies

  • Amanda Marcotte Asks Liberals to Stop Harassing Bigots – Marcotte admonishes those taking part in the ongoing harassment campaign that has forced a IN pizza shop to close its doors after publicly stating that it would not cater for same-sex weddings. The harassment has earned them martyr status, and they are now set to rake in over $800K in donations to their GoFundMe account.
  • #Pizza4Equality – If anti-gay Christians can raise over $800K for a pizza parlor, how much can we raise for homeless LGBT youth? #Pizza4Equality is a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Fund.
  • Indiana Governor Signs Measure Limiting Damage of RFRA, but LGBT Hoosiers Remain at Risk” – From the HRC: “Facing tremendous economic damage and mounting public pressure from fair-minded Americans and business leaders, today Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed legislation limiting the damage of the state’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) but falling far short of providing a full solution.” The new protections only apply to cities which have passed anti-LGBT discrimination ordinances, and those protections do not extend to those seeking to fill prescription at private pharmacies, leaving women and LGBTs vulnerable to discrimination.
  • Religious Freedom Bill Fails in Nevada – The backlash over the IN bill apparently convinced NV lawmakers that it wasn’t worth the trouble.
  • Springfield, MO to Vote on Repeal of LGBT Nondiscrimination Ordinance – The ordinance was passed last October, but now anti-LGBT groups have gathered enough signatures to put the measure to ballot.
  • California to Consider “Shellfish Suppression Act” – Joe Decker of San Jose has filed the necessary paperwork to bring his “Shellfish Suppression Act” to the signature collection stage so that it can be put on the CA ballot. Filed in response to the “Shoot the Gays” initiative, the Shellfish Suppression Act cites the Bible as justification to levy a $666 thousand fine against any caught consuming shellfish.
  • MI Gov. Voices Opposition to “Religious Freedom” Bills – Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has vowed to veto any Religious Freedom bill that did not also include protections for LGBTs. There are currently three bills in the works in MI, though none have even gotten as far as their initial hearing.
  • Historic Trans Women of Color Briefing Held at the White House” – Kayley Whalen shares her experiences taking part in Tuesday’s TWoC White House briefing. “Yesterday’s briefing at the White House is one step to changing this narrative and bringing positive visibility to many more trans women of color. Each of the speakers, many of whom had personally experienced anti-trans violence, were an example of the resiliency and vibrancy of our community.”
  • Malta First Country to Outlaw Mutilation of Intersex Babies – The legislation outlaws unnecessary surgical intervention on intersex infants. In addition, protections and recognition for transgender and intersex people were also included in the new law.
  • Chelsea Manning Joins Twitter – Manning be dictating her tweets over the phone since she does not have internet access. You can find her at @xychelsea.
  • NY Scout Council Defies National Org, Hires Gay Scout Leader – The Greater New York Councils chapter of the Boy Scouts has accepted Eagle Scout Pascal Tessier’s application to be a camp leader, despite his being openly gay. When reached for comment, the Scouts’ national communications director, Deron Smith said they were “looking into the matter.”
  • Owner Of ‘Revenge Porn’ Site Sentenced To 18 Years In Jail” – Kevin Bollaert, who ran a revenge porn site that allowed anonymous users to post nude photos and charged hundreds of dollars to those wishing to have their photos removed, was sentenced Sunday to 18 years in jail after having been convicted on 21 counts of identity theft and six counts of extortion.

Featured image via HRC

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