Quickies: South Korean Pride Disputed, HRC Diversity Problems, #MyVanityFairCover

  • Christian Activists Block South Korean Pride Registration – Police rejected the festival application after hundreds of anti-LGBT activists demonstrated against the event. Not to be so easily deterred, Pride organizers plan to hold the event anyway, despite lacking permits for the parade. #WhyWeNeedPride
  • Violent Protesters Disrupt Ukraine Pride – Joe.My.God. has several links and video of the protests, which apparent lead by the neo-Nazi Right Sector Party. #WhyWeNeedPride
  • Same-Sex Marriage Comes to Guam – “Guam on Friday became the first US territory to recognize gay marriage, after a federal judge struck down the prohibition.” The couple who lead the challenge plans to file for their marriage licence on Tuesday.
  • Ontario Bans Conversion “Therapy” for Children – ON became the first Canadian province to ban the use of so called gay conversion “therapy” on children. Not only does it pathologist natural, healthy behavior, but the practice itself is harmful to the recipient. #WhyWeNeedPride
  • Report: HRC a “White Men’s Club” – “Staff at the Human Rights Campaign last fall described the working environment at the nation’s largest LGBT rights group as ‘judgmental,’ ‘exclusionary,’ ‘sexist,’ and ‘homogenous,’ according to a sharply critical report that was commissioned by HRC and obtained by BuzzFeed News.” This will be small surprise to many LGBTs, who have long criticized the HRC for focusing primarily on issues that effect affluent gays at the cost of anything else.
  • OSHA Issues Guidelines for Employee Restroom Use – “’All employees, including transgender employees, should have access to restrooms that correspond to their gender identity,’ according to a four-page memo issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).” The guidelines are very clear on their trans-affirming stance, but unfortunately they are not legally binding.
  • “Intolerant Jackass” Initiative Moves Forward – Supporters have been cleared for the signature collection stage. The California initiative was put forward in response to another CA state initiative calling for the execution of those convicted of engaging in homosexual acts. If passed, those found in violation of the Intolerant Jackass act would be forced to attend sensitivity training and to donate $5000 to pro gay or lesbian organizations.
  • Patrick Stewart Defends Anti-Gay Bakery – Stewart’s position is that, while they cannot refuse to make cakes for certain classes of customers, that they should not be forced to write on the cakes messages with which they disagree. What do you think? Where do we draw the line?
  • Acceptance of “Mx” into OED Greatly Exaggerated – Last month, it was reported that the gender neutral honorific “Mx” was going to be included in future printings of the Oxford English Dictionary. In reality, “Mx” is up for consideration for inclusion in The NYTimes has a good article on the history and the current status of “Mx” in the USA and the UK.
  • Trans Women Create #MyVanityFairCover – There has been a lot of discussion lately in the LGB and especially T communities around Caitlyn Jenner, and what her interviews and Vanity Fair cover are making her the new face for the transgender community. While most of us support Jenner and are happy she was able to come out, she does not represent the reality most transgender folk face. Now trans women are creating their own Vanity Fair cover mock-ups in an attempt to put a more diverse face on their their community.
  • Poetry for Pride Month – The American Academy of Poets’ June newsletter included a selection of 7 poems in celebration of Pride month. You can read them at the link.

Featured Image via the Telegraph

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  1. I agree with Patrick Stewart on that one. Anti-gay bakeries should be able to provide undecorated cakes and decorating supplies, much like Azucar Bakery in Colorado did for the anti-gay message they refused to write. As of Apr. 7 (the most recent news I’ve seen for the case), the Colorado Civil Rights Division ruled that the bakery was not guilty of discrimination, although the anti-gay jackass stated his intent to file an appeal.

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