Quickies: Marriage Equality, Obama Interrupted, Meningitis Outbreak

  • SCOTUS Brings Marriage to All – By now most readers will already know that the US Supreme Court ruled Friday that marriage was a constitutionally protected right, guaranteeing the rights of same-sex couples in all 50 states to wed. Go to any major gay news source for additional coverage.
  • Marriage Ruling Includes Pro-Trans Language – “The court’s recognition that both due process and equal protection require that individuals be permitted to self-determine—to define and express themselves—has unmistakable extension to rights for the transgender community. That the Supreme Court’s endorsement of a right to identity expression came in the context of a decision on sexual intimacy further suggests that the Obergefell case will have positive ramifications for transgender rights.”
  • The Next Battles for the LGBTQAI+ Rights – It’s great that we won on marriage, but we still have a long way to go. Everyday Feminism outlines five of the battles facing the LGBTQIA+ movement.
  • Facebook Real Names Policy Incredibly Harmful to Abuse Survivors – Facebook is the number one place for abusers to stock and harass their victims, and Facebook is still forcing survivors of violence and abuse to use their legal names on their accounts.
  • Facebook Protested at San Francisco Pride – “[Protesters with the #MyNameIs campaign] handed out buttons and fliers, criticized the company and its founder, and turned their signs to say ‘Shame on FB’ in front of the parade judges.” The NY Times has highlights from SF and NYC Pride.
  • South Korea Celebrates Pride Despite Protesters – Protesters failed to shut down the Pride parade that capped off this year’s Korean Queer Festival. Bowing to pressures from Christian anti-gay activists, police had initially denied the parade permit, but a court ruled that they had insufficient justification to do so.
  • Police Attack Turkish Pride – Police used water cannons, rubber bullets and teargas to disband the peaceful pride march.
  • Dublin Celebrates Pride – This weekend, Dublin celebrated its first pride since voting to legalize same-sex marriage. Video and photos at the link.
  • Isis Flag Spotted at London Pride? – Not quite, but some people don’t know Arabic script from a dildo. More coverage of Saturday’s Pride festivities here.
  • Why a TWOC Activist Interrupted Obama, In Her Own Words – “I was fortunate to be invited to the White House to listen to President Obama’s speech recognizing the LGBTQ community and the progress being made. But while he spoke of ‘trans women of color being targeted,’ his administration holds LGBTQ and trans immigrants in detention. I spoke out because our issues and struggles can no longer be ignored.” It’s short – go read the whole thing.
  • Chicago Meningitis Outbreak – Gay men in the Chicago area are urged to get vaccinated against this bacterial infection. Anyone experiencing symptoms should seek immediate medical attention. Left untreated, the infection can lead to serious complications, even death.
  • New Jersey Court Rules Gay Conversion Therapy Fraud – This is the first case to rule so called conversion “therapy” a fraud, and it is hoped to be a deterrent to other practitioners. So far, only three states have outlawed the use of conversion “therapy” on minors: NJ, CA, and OR.

Featured image via Max Whittaker/Getty Images

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