Quickies: Stonewall White Washed, Ugandan Pride, HPV Vaccine

  • 5 Queer Heroes Who Should Have Been the Stars of the Stonewall Movie” – Contrary to what is portrayed in the Stonewall movie trailer, leaders of Stonewall were not white cis men.
  • Why Star Trek TOS got an Interracial Kiss but no Same-Sex Kiss – George Takie recounts bringing up the possibility of portraying homosexuality on Star Trek, and Gene Roddenberry’s response.
  • Activists March for LGBTQ Pride in Uganda – Just a year after the repeal of Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” law, activists clad in rainbows took to the streets of Entebbe to march for LGBTQ equality.
    “Nepal issues first ‘third gender’ passport” – “Nepal’s Department of Passports has revealed that it has issued its first passport in which the applicant’s gender is marked ‘other’.”
  • Why Gay Men Need the HPV Vaccine – “Many HIV-positive queer men already receive treatment for high-grade anal intraepithelial neoplasia (HGAIN), a condition that can lead to anal cancer. Researchers added in an HPV vaccination to HGAIN treatment and reduced the lifetime risk of anal cancer by a whopping 63%!”
  • I’m Trains, But I’m Not…” – This video lets trans people confront the myths head on and also speak about the reality of being trans.

Featured image: Marsha P. Johnson

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