Quickies: LGBTQ School-to-Prison Pipeline, “Once Upon a Time” Gets Gay, London’s Female Drag Queens

  • Helping Queer Youth Affected by the School-to-Prison Pipeline” – “In just over a decade, the school-to-prison pipeline has transformed from an unknown education issue into a national movement… Today, LGBT youth make up only 6 percent of the general population but represent 15 percent of people currently in juvenile detention.”
  • Swyer Syndrome Makes Puberty Difficult for These Intersex Teens – About 1 in 80,000 people are born with Swyer Syndrome, in which an infant of outward female appearance actually has XY chromosomes and undeveloped gonads. They exhibit a mixture of male and female traits growing up, and generally don’t learn of their condition until they’re in their teens.
  • Disney Store Removes Gender Divide from 2015 Halloween Costume Collection” – “Now, all of the costumes are listed together and labeled simply as “for Kids.” We’ve got “Cinderella Deluxe Costume for Kids,” “Ultimate Spider-Man Costume for Kids” and many more, completely removing the gender bar and allowing the kids to pick and choose as they please, free from influence.”
  • Once Upon a Time gets Same-Sex Relationship – Season 5 of the ABC show will feature a relationship between Mulan and Aurora, in an attempt to reflect the shows wider audience.
  • Gay Masculinity Featured in Every Breath We Draw – “Every Breath We Draw is a striking collection of images from photographer Jess Dugan, who sought out subjects that exhibit, in her words, a form of ‘gentle masculinity.’ Through this work, Dugan complicates traditional notions of masculinity by photographing individuals in intimate spaces as meaningful exchanges took place.”
  • “Fuck Raw” PrEP Posters Attract Criticism – The posters went up in Australia, where PrEP is not yet approved for Therapeutic Goods Administration and is thus not widely available to Australians. When used correctly PrEP has been shown effective in preventing the user from contracting HIV, but it does not prevent against other STIs.
  • Warnings issued over ‘super-gonorrhoea’ outbreak across England” – “There have been fifteen cases detected since March by Public Health England (PHE), according to the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV… So far all cases have affected straight patients, some of who have had sexual partners from further afield, but regular strains of the bacteria disproportionately affect the gay community in the UK.”
  • Meet Silas Howard, The First Trans Director Hired On Amazon’s ‘Transparent‘” – [Warning: Autoplay] – HuffPost Live interviews Howard about working with the Transparent team.
  • Homophobe silenced in ‘most Scottish way possible’” – Watch a homophobic street preacher have his screed drowned out when a lone bagpipe player playing “Scotland the Brave.”
  • London’s Female Drag Queens: Don’t Call us Faux Queens – [Warning: Autoplay] Women are taking up the art of performing exaggerated femininity, making a space for themselves in a traditionally male art form.
  • South Park Takes on PC Police, Caitlyn Jenner’s “Heroism” in Season Premiere” – “Promotional coverage of the premiere, “Stunning and Brave,” promised riffs on Caitlyn Jenner and besmirched quarterback Tom Brady—riffs that were indeed forthcoming—but the episode also had a larger target: an overzealous PC culture that think pieces now regularly warn is ruining the world, online or otherwise. And, impressively for a show that depends on transgressive humor for much of its success, South Parkactually did a nuanced, precise, and above all funny job in its critique of the dreaded PC police.”

Featured image via Jack Rowland/ABC

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  1. Jac,

    Speaking of LGBT representation in fiction, if you aren’t watching “the Strain” ( The show about the tentacled vampire apocalypse ) it has a bisexual character named Dutch Velders. She currently has a girl friend, and a boy friend. As you can imagine there’s a love triangle, although it will take you awhile to get to it, since were not sure if Dutch’s girl friend is still alive for most of the first season and about half of season two. Its not clear whether the tentacled vampires got her or not, until we come across her again.

      • Season one is currently streaming on Hulu. Season two is currently airing on FX, and is available on Demand for the time being. You might be able to watch both seasons on FX NOW, but I’m not sure how that works exactly.

        Really through, if you want to start watching “The Strain” you should start with its first season, and watch it beginning with its first episode, “Night Zero.” The reason why you need to start watching the show from the beginning like that, is because every single episode, except for probably the last one in the series is to be continued. You have to think of it as one of those old serials were every single episode is a continuation of the one before it, and only if you watch each episode will get the whole story.

        Although she’s one of the main characters in season two, Dutch isn’t even in it, until at least fourth or fifth episode of season one, and her Lesbian / Heterosexual live triangle, for the most part doesn’t come into play until late in the second season which is almost over now. Two more new episodes will air, and than they’ll stop making new episodes until season 3

        If you’re still interested and wouldn’t mind paying for it, right now, Season one is on DVD.

        The Strain Season 1 DVD amazon

        Here’s the first episode on Hulu if you don’t want to pay for it,p0,d0

        Warning through, it is an extremely terrifying show. Its labeled horror for a good reason.

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