Quickies: HIV Vaccine, Anti-LGBT Colonialism Holdovers, Body Diversity in Comics

  • HIV Vaccine Starts Human Trials – [Warning: Autoplay] “After years of research, a promising HIV/AIDS vaccine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine is moving into the critical human testing stage. The school’s Institute of Human Virology, headed by Dr. Robert Gallo, who helped discover the human immunodeficiency virus that causes AIDS and who developed the HIV blood test, announced the next big step in the research Thursday.”
  • France Gets Intersex Birth Certificates – Slate covers the new intersex gender markers on French birth certificates and surveys third gender option available to citizens of other countries. Apparently when Slate thinks third gender, they see hijras, who are used for the featured image despite only receiving brief mention int he article.
  • Myanmar Marred by Anti-LGBT Colonialism Leftovers – “Like Malaysia, Myanmar — also a former British colony — still has Section 377 of the penal code on its books. The law criminalizes “carnal intercourse,” which includes same-sex intercourse. It is punishable by 10 years to life in prison.”
  • NFL Team Owner Funds Anti-LGBT Hate Group – “Bob McNair, owner of the NFL Houston Texans, has donated $10,000 to an LGBT hate group in response to a public ballot on an equal rights ordinance. Activists forced a public ballot on the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), a law which outlaws discrimination against LGBT people, after a fear-mongering campaign.”
  • Russia jails six who tortured gay teens, posted videos online and drove them to suicide” – “Six members of Occupy Pedophilia, the group that tortured gay teens, posted the videos online and drove many of them to suicide, have been jailed. Police in the Russian region of Ural arrested nine who were luring unsuspecting young victims through personal ads.”
  • Canada’s Girl Guides Officially Welcomes Trans Members – “After years of allowing transgender children to join only on a case-by-case basis, the Girl Guides of Canada have released new guidelines that make their stance on the issue clear and official: ‘All persons who live their lives as female are welcome to join the organization.'”
  • Huff Po Tips for Fighting Internet Hate – Posted with a heavy measure of skepticism, as we in the Skepchick Network are well aware of how little law enforcement is willing to do to protect victims of online abuse.
  • Sanders Gives Pharmacy Jerk’s Donation to HIV Clinic – Martin Shkreli, the pharmacutical CEO who hiked the price on a drug used to treat parasite infections in immunocompromised patients maxed out his personal contribution to the Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. Sanders then donated the $2,700 to the Whitman-Walker health clinic in Washington, which specializes in HIV/AIDS care for the LGBT community.
  • Making Room for Body Diversity in Comics – Read about 6 comics breaking the spandex mold.

Featured image: Zephyr

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