Quickies: Terrorist Attack on Planned Parenthood, LGBT Refugees, New Trans Rights in Bolivia

  • Terrorist Attacks Planned Parenthood, Cites Selling of “Baby Parts” – The 57 year-old white male loner who murdered 3 people and injured 9 others at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado was taken alive by the police after a 5-hour stand off. Police maintain that the motive for the attack is unclear, but sources say the gunman’s statements included “no more baby parts,” referencing hoax videos circulated by right wing media attacking Planned Parenthood. We stand with Planned Parenthood.
  • How These Gay and Bisexual Members of Congress Sold Out Desperate LGBT Syrian Refugees” – “These stories [about the slaughter of LGBTs by Da’esh] are among the many reasons why an intense backlash continues against gay and bisexual Democratic lawmakers in the U.S. House — Jared Polis of Colorado, Sean Patrick Maloney of New York, and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona — who cowardly voted last week with the GOP and 44 other Democrats for the SAFE Act, a bill that,according to many refugee experts, would effectively shut down an already overburdened vetting process for Syrian and Iraqi refugees that takes up to two years.”
  • From Homelessness to Activism: How One Trans Woman Is Standing in Her Truth” – “In many people’s pain, they choose to die. For me at a young age, I had to start thinking about my pain and struggle in an innovative way, like maybe my pain can be the catalyst to my success. I’m lucky to say that I survived all the abuse growing up, the torment of transitioning in high school while homeless.”
  • Trans people win right to change name and gender in Bolivia” – “Virginia Velasco Condori unveiled the new policy last Wednesday, meaning trans Bolivians will soon be able to register legal documentations using their new identities.”
  • Panti Bliss Joins U2 for Performance of “Mysterious Ways” – The Irish LGBT rights activist and drag queen made a guest appearance during a recent U2 concert. After the song, Bono and Panti gave a shout-out to Ireland’s recent Marriage Referendum, in which same-sex marriage was voted into law. Video of the performance at the link.

Featured image via Andrew Burton and MSNBC


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  1. I can barely say how disappointed I am with Kyrsten Sinema and her action against Syrian refugees.  As a bisexual person and the closest thing to an atheist that we have in congress, she ought to be first to empathize with the plight of oppressed people fleeing religious abuses…but this would hardly be the first time that a person of influence on “our side” let us down.

    • That’s actually…bizarre. Everyone knows a cis person who has been misgendered on a driver’s license. There was even a <em>King of the Hill</em> episode about it.

      UAF meaning United Against Fascism is the first I’ve heard. (As an aside, the concerned wing of the Democratic Party, e.g. the former DLC, the New Democrats, the Third Way, is dead wrong about independent voters. The typical unaffiliated voter’s positions are simply outside the Overton window.)

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