Quickies: Lady Gaga on Abuse, HIV+ Organ Transplants, Religious Liberty

  • It Changes You Forever” – Lady Gaga talks to NPR’s Michel Martin about her song “Til it Happens to You,” written for the documentary “The Hunting Ground,” about sexual assault on college campuses, and how David Bowie inspired her work.
  • Portugal Legalizes Same-Sex Adoption – This follows a presidential veto and override vote by the the newly elected, left-leaning parliament.
  • HIV+ Organ Transplants No Longer Outlawed in the USA – HIV+ patients will soon be able to receive organs from HIV+ donors who are/were on the same antiviral treatments.
  • ‘Religious Liberty’ and the Anti-LGBT Right” – Read the SPLC’s report on how anti-LGBT groups are attacking LGBT rights through “religious liberty” legislation. From critical dragon 1177.
  • Georgia Passes Bill to Protect Religious Orgs from The Gays – The bill makes explicit protections that were already in place for churches who don’t want to marry same-sex couples. It may also give more leeway for religious schools and other organizations to discriminate against LGBT people.
  • The Challenge of Trans-Masculine Healthcare – The Fenway Institute in Boston is currently collecting data and proposing solutions to address the challenges inherent in providing healthcare for masculine of center transgender people, especially when addressing sexual health. (Looks like lot of the the issues are applicable to trans and nonbinary people in general.)
  • Attempt to Block LGBT Dance Backfires – “The Australian Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal hosted by Minus 18, aims to help create a safe environment for teens to bring their same-sex boyfriends or girlfriends and dress in whatever attire makes them comfortable without it becoming a political issue.” An anti-LGBT group tried to block the event by buying out all the tickets, but they ended up instead donating to the crowd-funding campaign to provide free tickets to low-income students. From critical dragon 1177.

Featured image: Lady Gaga via CBS

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  1. Jac,

    Wow you guys liked two of the stories I sent you enough to post them both here!

    Speaking of the anti gay bigots and their baseless “religious freedom” stupidity, Kentucky has decided to create “separate but equal” marriage licenses for gays so that homophobic bigots like Kim Davis don’t have to put their names on them.

    Kentucky Senate Votes to Create Separate Gay Marriage License

    Hopefully if it passes it will be immediately challenged and struck down by the supreme court.

    • Yes, though I forgot to do the attributions. Fixed.

      As to KY, I’m not spending too much time on those anti-marriage tantrums. They’ve already lost. It’s only a matter of time. In the meanwhile, I don’t want to reward those trolls with extra publicity.

      • Jac,

        True, you have a point, at this time it seems very unlikely that they’ll be able to make a come back.  However, I would argue that these people are a bit more dangerous than your run of the mill trolls.  They’ve been elected to political office.  At the very least if the law passes, someone is going to have challenge the “separate marriage licences” for gays bill.

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