Quickies: Sex Binary Myth, The Trans Kids are Alright, Sam Smith’s Oscar

  • Putting to Bed the Notion of the Sex Binary – “Although attitudes towards people who identify as transgender or intersex, or simply ‘non-binary’, have not always been sympathetic, there has never been scientific (or philosophical, or sociological) consensus that there are simply two human sexes, that they are easily (and objectively) distinguished, and that there is no overlap between the two groups.”
  • Study: Trans Kids with Family Support Fair Well – In what is amazingly the first study of its kind, this longitudinal study out of U Washington is following transgender children who have the support of their families to live as their true genders. So far, the kids in the study have shown the same rates of depression as their cis cohort, and only slightly higher levels of anxiety.
  • England’s New Campaign to End Anti-LGBT Bullying – “[Education Secretary Nicky Morgan] unveiled £1 million of new funding, in addition to £2 million which was set aside last year to fund eight projects providing training on how to tackle anti-LGBT bullying.”
  • Indonesia to Ban “Gay Propaganda” – “Amid a crackdown on LGBT content on sites like Facebook and Tumblr, the Communications and Information Minister is reportedly drafting a bill to comprehensively ban LGBT ‘propaganda’.”
  • Sam Smith Wasn’t the First Out Gay Oscar Win, and That’s OK – [Warning: autoplay] During his acceptance speech for winning the best song Oscar for “Writing’s On the Wall”, Smith said he wasn’t sure if he was the first out gay man to win an Oscar, but either way he was dedicating his win to the LGBT community. There have been 2-3 dozen out queer Oscar winners, just none for Best Actor.
  • “NFL Prospect Says Coach Asked If He’s Gay” – “The Falcons coach, one of the coaches, was like, ‘So do you like men?’ It was like the first thing he asked me,” remembers Apple. “It was weird. I was just like, ‘no.'” The Falcon’s head coach has reportedly explained to the coach who conducted the interview that the question was “inappropriate and unprofessional.”
  • Caitlyn Jenner Backs Ted Cruz – Proving once again just how out of touch she is with the transgender community.
  • Welcome to Drag Angeles” – Check out these vintage photos from the early days of Los Angeles’ drag scene.

Featured image: Kayrl Norman

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  1. The idea that Caitlyn Jenner can meet with Ted Cruz with a few of her friends and somehow convince him that people are people and deserve basic human rights like using the bathroom is just so divorced from reality.

    Side note:  Very curious about people’s reactions to Hillary’s revisionist AIDS history with respect to Nancy Reagan.

  2. Jac,

    Caitlyn Jenner is as much of a conservative as she is a women.  Just because you happen to belong to a minority group, that is in some way oppressed or mistreated by the majority, doesn’t necessary mean that you’re going to become a civil rights champion even for that group.  Part of the problem probably is that she buys into Republican rhetoric on other issues that have nothing to do with with LGBT rights or transphobia, but they also happen to wrong on.

    Caitlyn Jenner Is Concerned About Lazy Poor People *

    Oddly enough, I just saw another video on her that Kyle Kulinski made, and it sounds kind of like she might actually be somewhat homophobic.

    Ellen Talks Gay Marriage With Caitlyn Jenner, It Gets Weird *

    * Note : Kyle uses some foul language in both videos, so you may not want to watch them if you have children around.

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