Quickies: Anti-LGBT State Laws in GA & NC, New DOJ Rules on Housing of Trans Inmates

  • North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law Encourages Dangerous Gender Surveillance” – “Since the North Carolina legislature and Gov. Pat McCrory rushed through HB 2—a statewide measure that, while slyly avoiding naming them directly, bars LGBT people (and some veterans) from inclusion in municipal nondiscrimination protections and blocks transgender people (including students) from using restrooms in state-related facilities consistent with their gender identity—in a 12-hour special session on Wednesday, the law has been roundly criticized by both the LGBTQ and, perhaps more powerfully, business communities as the most trans- and homophobic state law in the nation.”
  • How the GOP Laid the Groundwork for North Carolina’s Antigay Law” – “Many were shocked this week by the sudden passage a North Carolina bill rescinding LGBT-inclusive antidiscrimination laws in the state, but the rationale behind it was all too familiar.”
  • Tech Industry Comes Out Against Anti-LGBT NC Law – IBM has joined Google, Apple and Paypal in denouncing the law.
  • ACLU Prepares Lawsuit Against North Carolina” – “Sarah Preston, acting Executive Director of the ACLU of NC says the group is preparing a legal challenge. She says the bill was born out of animus towards the LGBT community and could put the state at risk of losing Title IX funding.”
  • Meanwhile, GA Considers it’s Own Anti-LGBT Law – Amid threats from several Hollywood studios that they will stop productions in the state if the bill is signed into law.
  • US DOJ: House Inmates According to Gender Identity, Not Birth Genitalia – “The US Department of Justice released new guidelines Thursday prohibiting corrections agencies from placing transgender inmates into men’s or women’s units solely based on their anatomy at birth.”

Update: 11:30 EST

  • GA Gov to Veto Anti-LGBT Law – [Warning: Autoplay] This morning, Gov. Nathan Deal announced he would veto the anti-LGBT law, caving to pressure from industry and human rights groups.
  • North Carolina Sued Over Anti-LGBT Law” – Three individuals and two organizations have filed suite against NC, stating, “By singling out LGBT people for disfavored treatment and explicitly writing discrimination against transgender people into state law, H.B. 2 violates the most basic guarantees of equal treatment and the U.S. Constitution.”

Featured image: Gov. Pat McCrory via AP


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  1. At least GA’s governor vetoed it, but there were huge pressures being brought on him.  The NC governor on the other hand said basically “nah, it’s fine, nothing changed, except to be better for those poor people who had to serve disgusting people, but the disgusting people won’t even notice!”

  2. Gov McDouchebag thinks he’ll gain more political clout for sticking it to the gays and the t-freaks than he’ll lose form their supporters. And if NC were a closed system that didn’t rely on outside industry, he might be right. I doubt he’ll lose much from this. NC will lose it’s lawsuit. The state will pay for it, and McDouche’s supporters will only remember that he took a strong against the LGBT freaks and the abortionists. (I haven’t looked to closely, but these “religious freedom” bills usually allow people to deny healthcare services they don’t believe in.)

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