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Queereka isn’t just about the fabulous posts — it’s also about the community of people who read and offer funny, or supportive, or thought-provoking comments that contribute to an ongoing discussion.

If you’d like to comment on a Queereka blog entry, first you’ll have to register. After you confirm your registration you can post your first comment, which will be held until a Queereka moderator can read it and approve. If that post is overly spammy or rude, it may be deleted, never to see the light of day.

Once your first post is approved, you are free to post again however often you’d like, provided you can act like a mature and rational adult.

We do maintain a zero tolerance policy towards homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, misogyny, racism and all other forms of bigotry. Casual use of slurs and epithets will also not be tolerated (except in the case of discussing the terminology itself), especially against individuals.

Please keep sexually explicit content within the bounds of good taste and common sense. We also will not tolerate outing anyone, or any other violation of personal privacy. Finally, please do not make jokes or treat lightly subject matter that may be emotionally charged to members of our community, such as rape, sexual assault, HIV / AIDS, queer-bashing and homophobic or transphobic violence, etc.

If you insist on behaving rudely, we will take action without warning or apology. Most likely, this will be a temporary ban or placing you on "permanent moderation" (in which all of your posts are held for approval like your first). However, we will not hesitate to ban commenters permanently if they piss us off sufficiently.

This is a private community, and you do not have a "right" to free speech- particularly you have no "right" to be a bully or exercise your bigotry. Our right to free speech maintains that we do not need to offer you our blog as a  platform for such actions and views.

If you feel that a fellow commenter has acted inappropriately, please send us a link to the comment via our contact form.

Additional Info for Commenters


To reply to a particular comment, log in and click the little arrow by that comment’s post number. A link back to that comment will automatically be pasted into the comment box.

Fabbing Up Yr Comments

We have replaced the old HTML comments box with a new WSYIWYG comment box. You can use the icons in the box to bold or italicize your words, create hyperlinks, make blockquotes, and insert images! (Do not abuse the image posting or you will be banned.


Like all sites in the Skepchick network, Queereka uses If you’d like a picture next to your posts, register on Gravatar using the same email address you use on the Skepchick network, and whatever image you upload there will automatically appear here.


If you see a comment you particularly like, nominate it for the Comment o’ the Week by replying to it and including “COTW.” If we get some nominations, Comment o’ the Week will be awarded on Fridays. Winners get bragging rights, an official increase in personal awesomeness of up to 30% or more, and the chance to pose a question for Sunday School, Afternoon Inqueery, or, if it's a really, really cool one, a whole post!


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