Author: Allie T Jones

I was raised a fundamentalist Christian, but left the church in 2001 and began the slow and painful journey towards atheism. I am now a happy bisexual woman in a Femdom poly relationship with my husband. I am committed to skepticism and the pursuit of social justice in matters of economics and education, as well as gender and sexual identity. I'm an adjunct English professor and try to use my class as a way to promote critical thinking about intersections of race, class, sexuality and power. In my off time, I write erotica and enjoy sci-fi and action flicks.
Last week, American Atheists’ Jamila Bey spoke at the yearly meeting of CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Committee. To give you some idea of CPAC’s tenor, this year’s highlights include: Phil Robertson, patriarch of Duck Dynasty, said that “I believe Jesus came down from Heaven in flesh 2000 and 15-years ago. I believe he paid […]
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