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Dae is a chemical engineering graduate student who aspires to become a mad scientist, but is prepared to settle for being a professor. Her extracurricular academic interests are an ever-shifting list, but currently include temperament psychology, philosophy, transhumanism, and pre-modern literature. She identifies as a bisexual cis-woman, as well as a feminist, humanist, atheist, and roleplaying game enthusiast.

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In Afternoon Inqueery
On January 24, 2013
Every time I visit my family, I end up having at least one long one-on-one chat with my younger brother, and I always end up wondering just how comprehensible that conversation would be to other people listening in.  (My brother and I speak a variant of Sibling that is two parts philosophical terms, one part […]
There have been a few occurrences in the last year-ish that have had me thinking more and more about what parts of my identity I think about the most, am the most proud of, and most want others to recognize.  One example of this was a conversation with a professor about being openly queer in […]
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