Author: Sophia

Sophia is a pansexual, polyamorous, atheist, trans* woman (So many labels!) from Iowa who has been transitioning since 2011. She is the current facilitator of the transgender support group Transformations in Des Moines. In addition to Transformations, she speaks to various gender and sexual minority groups and is on the Board of Directors for the Des Moines Pride Center. She hopes to educate the general public on trans* issues as well as let people know that it is okay to be yourself. Outside of her advocacy work she plays video games, watches anime, and is generally geeky.

Facebook and real names

In Social Media , Transgender
On September 22, 2014
Ah Facebook. You were doing so well. You gave us over 50 options to describe our gender, you even let us use more than one! It seemed you were finally learning your lesson, improving yourself, and now it seems you’re back to your old tricks. So for those of you unaware, Facebook only allows you […]
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