Author: Kaoru Negisa

Kaoru is a Florida boy, born and raised, and currently resides in Orlando, the City Beautiful where he is the proud owner of his own degree in English. When he is not volunteering with the LGBT community or participating in some political action, he is generally fencing, singing folk songs, or playing mandolin. Kinky bisexual atheist feminist geek, and probably a few other things as well. He also posts over at Reasonable Conversation about LGBT issues, politics, and atheism, and at Sequentially Yours about comic books.

Greetings, queer skeptics and everyone else who reads our wonderful blog. It has certainly been a crazy couple of days, so here we go. Janet Mock, on tour for her new memoir, gets tired of being asked

On the ever-martyred Christian right, there is a particularly hilarious and absurd meme that the left and especially LGBT activists are trying to eliminate their opinions from polite speech, marginalize their beliefs and make it socially unacceptable (they often also claim illegal) to “believe that marriage is only between one man and one woman.” Of […]

Quickies 3/6/2014

In Quickies
On March 6, 2014
Good afternoon, everyone! Here’s some news that I think we’ll all find interesting. Ed Brayton briefly discusses some of the positive things we can do as a country to support LGBT people worldwide. It’s more than just cutting off aid. A Catholic school has decided to not march in the annual South Boston St. Patrick’s […]
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