Author: Rimi

Rimi is a 25 year old transgirl currently residing in Michigan with her amazing girlfriend and the most adorable pug in existence. Her first degree was in math and physics for secondary education, though she is now pursuing a second degree in nursing due to an extreme lack of teaching opportunities for LGBT folk. She enjoys studying and writing about LGBTQA politics, secular humanism, human origins, and the impact of religiosity on cultural attitudes. In her spare time, she's a skydiver, science geek, movie nerd, and a gamer girl.
Apparently I recently lost my abilities to function like an adult and forgot how to read a calendar, and completely missed last Saturday’s scheduled Queer Health post. So, here it is, a little late. And don’t worry, I have since regained my somewhat adult-like mind. Back in July the Department of Health and Human Services […]
Last time on Queer Health, Will wrote a nice piece describing his research on the realities of LGBTQ issues in the health care field. In a nicely timed coincidence the Human Rights Campaign just released the results of their 2012 Healthcare Equality Index (HEI), which seeks to determine how many hospitals and private practices across […]
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