Author: marilove

marilove was born in Lake Havasu, AZ, in early August — during which time the average temperature is 110 degrees Fahrenheit. She moved to Phoenix over 12 years ago to get away from the heat. She now lives in the gayest neighborhood (and perhaps the gayest apartment complex) of the gayest zip code in all of Phoenix (and therefore, Arizona), and she is quite happy there. She has been interested in Skepticism for some time now, and is active in her local LGBT community. Marilee identifies as queer or bisexual or pansexual or whatever. To be perfectly honest, she is too disorganized for labels.
Someone recently asked me, “What is your proudest moment?” It took me no time at all to answer:  “Pissing off John McCain.” See, back in September of 2010, I and some friends from HERO traveled to Washington, D.C. to protest Don’t Ask Don’t Tell during a senate meeting, with our efforts directed totally at Senator […]
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