Author: Ser

Ser is asexual, on the aromantic spectrum, gender-questioning, and atheist. They recently graduated from the University of Montana with a BA in Environmental Studies with a focus on nature writing. They love to read, write, play ultimate frisbee, cook, hike, row and cross country ski.
I have had a rather frustratingly short attention span recently, but instead of trying to fix the problem, I have decided to embrace it and have turned to short stories for my reading pleasures. I started with the small short story collection within the young adult section of my library for easy pickings and came […]

Pronoun Practice

On December 18, 2015

You are going to get the pronouns wrong. I do and I consider myself genderqueer.  I’ve had more opportunities than most to think about gender as a non-binary thing, more time to detach gender from

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about the interaction between a person’s identity and the way other people perceive them. I identify as a quiet person, but not everyone who knows me sees me the same way.  Ultimately, the reality is more complicated than either quiet or not quiet.  I am more or less […]
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