Author: Ser

Ser is asexual, on the aromantic spectrum, gender-questioning, and atheist. They recently graduated from the University of Montana with a BA in Environmental Studies with a focus on nature writing. They love to read, write, play ultimate frisbee, cook, hike, row and cross country ski.
A week ago today I attended my first Pride celebration. Montana Pride was not designed for non-drinking, asexual introverts. I’m mostly okay with that, mostly being the operative word. Most things aren’t designed with people like me in mind. I go, do my own thing, have fun on my own terms, and then go somewhere […]
What are you thinking about Gender right now?  Do you think someone could benefit from reading those thoughts, but don’t have a platform to share them on?  The World Wide Web awaits, my dear, specifically The website is called and its tagline is “Beauty in Ambiguity.”  The purpose of the website is to […]
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