Author: The Queer Pastry

Belle is a red bean paste filled androsexual, mildly closeted transwoman pastry who is working towards becoming a mathematician. She tends to spend her time alone with a glass of wine, and rarely goes out except for classes and the occasional swordplay. While she does have a very close network of friends, she could be described as a hermit of sorts. She also feels strange about talking about herself in the third person. Can you guess what pastry she is?
Initially, I would like to congratulate Miller for quickly answering both questions last month. Now, to mathematics. The topic for this month is a hodgepodge of linear algebra, field theory, and universal algebra. I think that the wall of text last time scared some people off. So, I tried to be as concise as possible this time. […]
*Trigger warning* Burchill/Moore incident, again… A few articles that cover what happened rather well, in my humble option: Lindey West, Natalie Reed Just as things have calmed down around the Moore/Burchill transphobia mess, I want to reopen that can of worms to take an opportunity to be reflective. Now, I don’t have much to say on the […]
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