Author: Vince Gabrielle

Vince is a recent graduate trying to get a goddamn job that pays the bills. He's working on a super secret project FOR SCIENCE! He is not (in order) awake, a bricklayer, fierce, or Ongwe Ias: Eater of Men. Ask him about science, fish, role-playing games, kink, fiction writing, or graduate school.
What am I marching for? I’m marching for a childhood that knew the scent of milkweed and the feeling of caterpillars crawling on my hands. I’m marching for the silent moment when a chrysalis turns from green to black-and-orange. I’m marching for a world where you can hear the flutter of a butterfly’s wings as […]

Coming Up for Air

In Gay , Random Asides
On September 3, 2015
It’s been a while since I’ve written something for Queereka. I feel I owe you an apology and explanation. Since my last post I started working on my thesis. I was given several months, as per my institution’s policy. Unfortunately I was also dealing with a cash flow problem. I had run out of money […]
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