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Will is the admin of Queereka, part of the Skepchick network. They are a cultural/medical anthropologist who works at the intersections of sex/gender, sexuality, health, and education. Their other interests include politics, science studies, popular culture, and public perceptions and understandings of anthropology. Follow them on Twitter at @anthrowill and Facebook at
Hey everyone! Queereka is looking for new writers. The gig requires with some commitment and provides zero monetary pay, but what it lacks in generating coin is made up for with friendship and love! And glitter! So what are we looking for? At a minimum, applicants should self-identify as queer (by which we mean any non-normative […]

Looking for Writers!

On February 3, 2015

Update 2/6/2015: We’ve had an amazing amount of interest in writing for Queereka! I have decided to close down our call for writers for now. If you were not selected this time around, please kee

I am a medical anthropologist. As such, I spend much of my time reading about and studying medicine as a sociocultural practice, particularly the ways that culture influences biomedical and public health practices. One of the reasons I went into medical anthropology was that I took a fantastic undergraduate Medical Anthropology course. Specifically, there was […]
Dan over at School of Doubt has posted a response to Vince’s recent article on Queereka. If you’d like to read the whole post, head on over to School of Doubt! On Friday Queereka’s Vince posted this article about the Duke Collective, a group of Duke University graduate students who have decided to pool their funding as a […]
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