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Will is the admin of Queereka, part of the Skepchick network. They are a cultural/medical anthropologist who works at the intersections of sex/gender, sexuality, health, and education. Their other interests include politics, science studies, popular culture, and public perceptions and understandings of anthropology. Follow them on Twitter at @anthrowill and Facebook at

The Frivolous World of Simon Doonan

In Gay , Homophobia
On January 6, 2012
Recently, Jeff Gordinier of The New York Times published a discussion/interview with Simon Doonan, who is promoting his new book. Doonan is an author and an employee at Barneys New York known for his over-the-top window dressings. I should admit up front, I have not read his new book Gay Men Don’t Get Fat, but you can […]

AI: New Year

On January 3, 2012

Welcome to the first Queereka Afternoon Inqueery (AI)! Carrying on with the great Skepchick tradition, Queereka will pose questions to its readers to answer each Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday afternoo

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