Patriarchy: Origins, how to Think It, and Implications

Patriarchy means, in short, “men rule”; on this one thing, at least, any of the dictionaries or feminist sites you’ll find on a quick search can agree. Feminists can further agree that men have some sort of systemic advantage that grants them economic and political – social – dominance. There …


Why I’m Both Happy And Cynical About Yesterday’s Marriage Equality Ruling

Yesterday was a milestone for the LGBT+ movement; the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage in all fifty states. What seemed at first as just a dream is now a reality for many same-sex couples in America. As I write this, more than twenty-four hours after …

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Mad Max: Fury Road – A Wild Ride of Empowerment

(There will be spoilers in here but there is an all caps and bolded warning before the spoilers start) Finally an action movie I can recommend without saying “It’s great! But….it’s sexist or there’s a really violent assault scene or there’s a lot of heterosexual sex or there are no …

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Why The Bisexual Slut Stereotype Is Harmful

[CN: Biphobia, Slut Shaming, Sexism, Rape] Last week on his Focus on the (heteronormative patriarchal) Family radio show, James Dobson once again ranted and raved about how marriage equality will lead to Christian persecution and all that bullshit. Which isn’t really news; at this point if Dobson said anything nice …

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Hillary Clinton: A Feminist Progressive We Can Believe In… Or Can We?

This weekend Hillary Clinton officially announced her candidacy for presidency! Wow! A woman president? How progressive! Finally marginalized people will have a voice! Ehhhh not really. Hillary Clinton is a woman, and it would be revolutionary to have a woman be the President of the United States, no one is …

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Why Queering Gender Onstage Still Matters

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to see a production of Hair directed and performed by some of my friends through a youth-specific theater company. I’d never thought much of the musical before. Yes, it had a few great songs, but mostly it seemed like a confusing rock opera about a bunch …


Why This DMAB Genderqueer Needs Feminism

CN: TRANSPHOBIA, SEXISM, DEPRESSION, SELF-HARM I wasn’t always a feminist. Sure, I always believed in equal rights for people of all genders, but in my twenties I bought all the stereotypes about feminists: they hated men, they all wore Birkenstocks, they were all lesbians, they didn’t shave their armpits, and they …

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One Weird Trick to Get Hired in Academia

“Be careful. American science is elitist.” A visiting scientist said to a group of graduate students and I at an informal lunch, “The only way I got the career I had was because I was lucky enough to have a post-doctoral position at Yale in a new field.” A while …