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You will realize that Ruby Rose is just as drop dead gorgeous in real life After careful observation you conclude that it was her cheekbones that cut heternormativity in half. Also she’s unexpectedly tiny. You could probably pick her up and spin her around dramatically while making out without ever having worked out before.  She’s […]
Attention: this post might contain spoilers for those who have not seen the 2011 film. Trigger warning: this post contains discussion of violence and anti-gay hatred. The premise of The Parade, a Serbian film by Srdjan Dragojević, seems funny at first glance: because a gay theater director turned wedding director, Mirko, is the only one […]
Recently Chelsea Manning publicly confirmed what myself and many other transgender people had been saying for years, that she was in fact a trans woman. We knew her as Breanna due to the social media accounts created under that name, but we in the community know that sometimes the first name we pick isn’t the […]

First of all I would like to point out that the point of the magneto metaphor is in fact “being nice doesn’t pay, don’t bother, smash oppressors” and has nothing to do with rea

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