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Why I can’t stand neo-segregationists

As is my wont, I was hovering spectrally in the internet’s howling dark when my friend sent me a message with a link to this trainwreck on Salon.com, along with the demand that I “tell her why this article rubs her the wrong way.” With gusto! The article is titled, …

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Queereka Podcast Episode 3

The second episode is up! You can listen to the episode here. You can also find us on iTunes or use the RSS feed here: http://www.podcastgarden.com/podcast/podcast-rss.php?id=1127 In this episode you will hear me and Cheyenne (a former Queereka writer) discuss sex work and sex worker rights. Cheyenne’s other work includes …

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Myths about sex workers

Warning, this article may challenge long held ideas about sex work and sex workers causing cognitive dissonance and strong emotional reactions. If your worldview is reliant on these misconceptions this may cause psychological distress.   Disclaimer; This is by no means a comprehensive list of all myths about sex work or sex …

a copper IUD
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The IUD Option: Stigma, Falsehoods, and Shaming

This confession may come as a shock to some: I have never been in love with menstruation. The dread of a surprise attack, cramps, the discomfort of cotton wads crammed where no wads of cotton should be. While still respecting those who savor their bloody womanhood, I grew up wishing …

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AI: Flagging

Being of a femme-ish presentation (more tomboy, or just ‘gamer,’ really), I am assumed to be straight by nearly all of the people I meet.  This is annoying, though something I’m unfortunately quite used to.  A recent internet white rabbit hunt had me reading about femme flagging using colored nail polish, …

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I am Queer: Beyond the Trans/Cis Binary

I do not feel or identify as trans. I also do not feel or identify as cis. I am comfortable being male-bodied. I am uncomfortable calling myself “man.” I do not feel that I am a woman. In some ways, I feel like a boy—as if I never went through …

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Myths and Misconceptions About Kink

Our culture is full of myths, misconceptions, and confusion about kink, BDSM, and fetishes. We’re going to address 10 of them here; 5 in this article and another coming soon. For each of the misconceptions there will be two answers: one from Benny and one from Cheyenne. That way you …

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I Know it When I Experience It

So, the UK government is working through the necessary legal contortions to achieve marriage equality (yay!), and of course opponents are falling all over themselves trying to come up with ways to prevent, delay, or weaken this.  One particular issue that’s been raised struck me as faintly absurd at first …