Finding a Home in the Capital of the Silicon Valley is Almost Impossible

It’s raining in San Jose today. It started sometime last night with rolling, grey. Grey I haven’t seen since driving out here from Albany two months ago. It’s a welcome sight. The American West bore the scars of long-term drought. Wyoming was blond with dead grass along the I-80. Nevada’s …


Why “I’m Okay With It As Long As I Don’t Have To See It” Is Still Bigotry

[CN: Homophobia, Slurs, Violence] This morning in his Washington Post column, Steven Petrow writes about a same-sex couple who was recently kicked out of a bar for kissing. According to reports, after Andrew Deras gave his partner Dustin Baker a “very minor” kiss on the lips in a bar, the …

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Web Comics with a Great Queer Cast, Questionable Content Edition

As promised, here is my next installment of web comics with a great queer cast, this time featuring the wonderful mix of characters on Questionable Content. The cast is a motley crew of queer, queerish, and other characters who show themselves to be surprising, nuanced people. One of the things …

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Coming Out Stories: The Long Ride Home

“So Vince, what did you want to talk about?” Anthony was in the front seat while mom pulled onto the highway home. I froze. In the darkness of the back of the car, I wanted to disappear. I envied the crumbs of Os, ground into the fibers of little sister’s …


Hello San Francisco

I’m on something of a misguided odyssey this week. I flew out to California with emails sent and a heart full of hope that I could maybe, maybe, squeeze my way into seeing certain graduate programs on an official visit. The idea of showing I was serious by appearing on …


Meeting the Parents and Putting on a Show

It’s been a chaotic time. In the past month or so I’ve met with the committee that decides whether or not my research direction is fit to ride to graduation. My boyfriend moved in with me, burying the apartment in boxes and kitchen appliances. My performance in my most recent …

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Pull List of Justice: September 2013

Regular readers of my stuff will know that I am a comic book fanatic and have argued many times that comics have historically been at the forefront of social progress, often addressing issues that television and other mediums have been unable or unwilling to. Yes, they can also be problematic, …


Not a Funny Joke

In the past several weeks my Trigonometry class has been the least serious group of students I have seen in my technical college. They are less responsible, more rowdy, and far less respectful than the students I dealt with even in my remedial classes. We had an exam today, and …