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Hilary Clinton’s AIDS Debacle – Started at Nancy Reagan’s funeral where she credited the Reagans [Warning: autoplay] for their bravery in starting the national conversation about HIV/AIDS. This outraged much of the LGBT community since it’s well known that the Reagan White House didn’t give a crap about the “gay plague.” She then issued an apology […]
Man Caught with Bomb in Women’s Health Clinic – A man was arrested after bringing an improvised explosive device into the South Wind Women’s Center, where Dr Tiller worked before he was murdered. No one was hurt in this apparent instance of attempted domestic terrorism by yet another white, Christian, American male. Anti-Gay Bakery Sends Out Cakes and […]

Quickies 10/14/2013

On October 14, 2013

How Disney undermines female heroines in 4 easy steps. Ohio’s new patient-harassing abortion restrictions may not have been passed legally. A new show on the CW, “Ze,” centers around

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