Family Meme Time

What do you do when a normally cool close family member sends you an obnoxious meme? My Dad and I send each other gross and funny stuff off the internet all the time. We’re close, and share a similar wicked sense of humor and appreciation for outlandish pranks. Despite my …

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Coming Out Stories: The Long Ride Home

“So Vince, what did you want to talk about?” Anthony was in the front seat while mom pulled onto the highway home. I froze. In the darkness of the back of the car, I wanted to disappear. I envied the crumbs of Os, ground into the fibers of little sister’s …


Quickies: Same Sex Marriage, Religious Communities, Models of Transition

Eric Stonestreet, the straight actor who plays a gay man on Modern Family, explains why he refused to have his picture taken with Rick Santorum. (Hint, it wasn’t the froth.) A second FL judge, this time in Miami, has ruled FL’s same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional, and ordered the county of Miami-Dade to …

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Coming Out Doesn’t Solve All Problems

I sincerely hope that in the rush to promote the coming out process, that the message doesn’t come across that it’s an end of sorts. Yet the more I see about coming out stories, they tend to fall into two categories: triumphant messages of hope that involve instant acceptance and …

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To Katie and Arin

Hey there, ya’ll. You don’t know me, and even if I’m lucky enough to have a few moments of your time, we still won’t be all that close by the end of this letter. That’s fair, since I don’t know ya’ll beyond the news either. Well, maybe a little bit …

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AI: Handling Hate

December and January are months when I usually spend a lot more time around my parents. Mostly, it’s a nice experience, I love them and miss living with them a lot. But while this extra time spent together brought me a wonderful surprise in my mother’s behavior, my dad’s hasn’t …

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AI: On Christmas

Coming from a deeply Catholic family, Christmas has been a big deal since I can remember. Even though I have never ever been particularly fond of religious traditions, I’ve always cherished it, the one day a year when the whole approximately 40-components-big family gets together with an spectacular amount of …

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AI: Unexpected Support

So my parents arrived in town last week to spend the holidays with me and the rest of the family. Every time they come, I spend at least two weeks prior to their arrival preparing myself for all kinds of slightly offensive comments spread out during the day – triggers …