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“Vietnam Lifts Ban On Same-Sex Marriage” – It’s no longer illegal for same-sex couples to marry, but they are not yet afforded the same legal protections as opposite sex partners. “Nearly 1 Million Italians Rally for Civil Unions” – “Protesters are urging their lawmakers to pass legislation that would recognize civil unions for same-sex couples. This […]
HIV Vaccine Starts Human Trials – [Warning: Autoplay] “After years of research, a promising HIV/AIDS vaccine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine is moving into the critical human testing stage. The school’s Institute of Human Virology, headed by Dr. Robert Gallo, who helped discover the human immunodeficiency virus that causes AIDS and who developed […]
“Jerusalem Gay Pride: Six stabbed ‘by ultra-Orthodox Jew’” – Only weeks after completing a 12-year prison sentence following a similar attack, Yishai Schlissel stabbed 6 people at Jerusalem Pride Thursday. Sixteen year old Shira Banki has died. Thousands across Israel have rallied in protest. “Suspect Arrested In Murder Of Transgender Woman India Clarke” – “DNA […]
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