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On February 6, 2015
There are times, particularly in movies, tv, or books, when the beleaguered little guy wins a court case via some dramatically discovered technicality. The world rejoices that the “good guy” won, even if it wasn’t on the merits of their argument or overwhelming preponderance of evidence. Case in point – the Scopes trial. While Scopes […]

Update (December 30, 2014): The FDA recently announced that it would relax the lifetime ban on blood donation for men who have sex with men. Instead of banning all men who have had sex with men after

Huff Po’s LGBT Health Roundup – A bath house chain installing vending machines for HIV tests, Aetna to cover GCS, an infographic on Trans Awareness Month, and more. Hateful Cardinal Demoted Again – Cardinal Raymond Burke, who stridently opposes abortion rights and LGBT acceptance, was demoted first from being archbishop of St. Louis, and now from the Congregation […]
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