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“Filmmaker Parvez Sharma on Islam, homosexuality and the new ‘A Sinner in Mecca’” – The LA Times interviews Sharma about the creation of his new film and the violent backlash he’s experiencing following its release. Caitlyn Jenner Distances Herself From Trans Community – And to that we say, “Good riddance!” She was never elected official spokes […]

Another one

On July 17, 2012

Ophelia Benson of Butterflies and Wheels and Kausik Datta of Oh, The Humanity of It All point to yet another article (almost a carbon copy of the last one I poked with a stick)where a woman equates we

Via Maryam Namazie, I came across this bizarre article by Nadiya Takolia published in the guardian titled, “The hijab has liberated me from society’s expectations of women.” O RLY? Let’s cast a skeptical eye on the major claim of this article: “some wear [the hijab] explicitly as a feminist statement asserting an alternative mode of […]
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