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Patriarchy means, in short, “men rule”; on this one thing, at least, any of the dictionaries or feminist sites you’ll find on a quick search can agree. Feminists can further agree that men have some sort of systemic advantage that grants them economic and political – social – dominance. There are many different attempts to […]

QUICKIES 11/19/2012

In Quickies
On November 19, 2012
Anti-gay, “pro-family” lawyer Lisa Biron has been arrested after producing child pornography by filming one of the apparently “several” teenagers she molested. San Francisco becomes the first city to cover sex reassignment surgery for all uninsured transgender residents! I’ve had the same thought: The Walking Dead has become a white patriarchy. Abortion access is an economic […]

QUICKIES 07/23/2012

On July 23, 2012

Sad day: Sally Ride, the first female American astronaut, has passed away at age 61 from cancer. A victim of the Aurora shooting who was shot in the head not only survived, but experienced minimal bra

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