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Patriarchy means, in short, “men rule”; on this one thing, at least, any of the dictionaries or feminist sites you’ll find on a quick search can agree. Feminists can further agree that men have some sort of systemic advantage that grants them economic and political – social – dominance. There are many different attempts to […]
“North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law Encourages Dangerous Gender Surveillance” – “Since the North Carolina legislature and Gov. Pat McCrory rushed through HB 2—a statewide measure that, while slyly avoiding naming them directly, bars LGBT people (and some veterans) from inclusion in municipal nondiscrimination protections and blocks transgender people (including students) from using restrooms in state-related facilities […]
Putting to Bed the Notion of the Sex Binary – “Although attitudes towards people who identify as transgender or intersex, or simply ‘non-binary’, have not always been sympathetic, there has never been scientific (or philosophical, or sociological) consensus that there are simply two human sexes, that they are easily (and objectively) distinguished, and that there is […]
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