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The United Nations will now give the same benefits to all legally married couples, same-sex or otherwise, regardless of whether their marriages are recognized in their countries of citizenship. Anti-LGBT groups in Houston have gathered enough signatures to subject their nondiscrimination ordinance to a voter referendum. According to this study, listing LGBT activism on your […]
[CN: transphobic language] For the first time, a US Armed Forces color guard has participated in a pride parade. An eight-member color guard team from the U.S. Army Military District of Washington lead the DC pride parade. Meanwhile in South Korea, the pride parade in Seoul was disrupted by Christian protesters who blocked the route. […]
NPR provides a good summary on the status of same-sex marriage across the country. “With officials in Oregon and Pennsylvania deciding not to challenge court decisions overturning bans on gay marriage, they became the 18th and 19th states where same-sex couples can be granted legal recognition.” Making its way around the internet: “If Gay Guys […]

Quickies: 05/05/2013

On May 5, 2014

[CN: transphobic language] Washington state just got it’s first LGBT Supreme Court justice. Mary Yu also happens to be the first latina and Asian-American on the court. There is a trend among GO

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