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The Senate has confirmed its first black gay judge and its second black lesbian judge. Check out these photos from Portland’s first official Trans Pride march. A study found that male finches raised without female parents were more likely to chose male mates. Two male brown bears living in captivity have been observed engaging in […]
Attention: this post might contain spoilers for those who have not seen the 2011 film. Trigger warning: this post contains discussion of violence and anti-gay hatred. The premise of The Parade, a Serbian film by Srdjan Dragojević, seems funny at first glance: because a gay theater director turned wedding director, Mirko, is the only one […]

QUICKIES 06/03/2013

On June 3, 2013

Salt Lake City PRIDE was held yesterday; here’s some awesome pictures of the parade participants. A high school votes two gay students “cutest couple” for the yearbook. Awwwww. Watch

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