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The Significance of Dar Williams’s “The Christians and the Pagans” – In and interview with Slate, Williams talks about how a lighthearted song about Wiccan lesbian couple having Christmas with a devout Christian family took on special significance to the LGBT community. “Queen Panti Issues Holiday Message” – With a nod to Queen Elizabeth’s annual holiday […]
Americans with queer friends support same-sex marriage – at twice the rates of those who don’t. Unsurprising, but another reason to be out to friends and colleagues. OTOH, those who don’t support same-sex marriage may have fewer queer acquaintances who are willing to be out and hang out with them. Meet the lead plaintiffs challenging […]

First of all I would like to point out that the point of the magneto metaphor is in fact “being nice doesn’t pay, don’t bother, smash oppressors” and has nothing to do with rea

I’d like to talk about shame. More honestly, I have to. There’s nothing about shame I enjoy discussing, and when the topic comes up in our home, between my partner and myself, it almost always provokes tears, choking up, and casts a pall over whatever happiness we were sharing. This is why I have to […]
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