Tag: racism

QUICKIES 07/15/2013

On July 15, 2013

Malaysian politician appoints the country’s first transgender political secretary, a transwoman named Hezreen Shaik Daud. Daud, a former NGO project officer, speaks English, Malaysian, Mandarin

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you’re probably familiar with Paula Deen’s racist attitude, or perhaps Alec Baldwin’s disturbingly violent anti-gay remarks. Both have since apologized, with Deen making two creepy videos and an appearance on the Today Show, and Baldwin writing a letter to GLAAD.¬†Presumably, both now want everybody to forgive […]

QUICKIES 12/03/2012

On December 3, 2012

Female Fantasy III: another perspective on geek misogyny. Seven examples of the marginalization of women in television and movies. Sign this petition to help make emergency contraception more accessib

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