What I Mean When I Say “Monosexual Privilege”

[CN: Biphobia, Suicide, Health Issues] Recently I wrote on my Bi Any Means Facebook page, “If someone of any sort of privilege–white privilege, male privilege, cis privilege, straight privilege, monosexual privilege, Christian privilege, etc.–is offended because I dared to call out their privileges and critique their faulty logic, so fucking …

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Why The Bisexual Slut Stereotype Is Harmful

[CN: Biphobia, Slut Shaming, Sexism, Rape] Last week on his Focus on the (heteronormative patriarchal) Family radio show, James Dobson once again ranted and raved about how marriage equality will lead to Christian persecution and all that bullshit. Which isn’t really news; at this point if Dobson said anything nice …


Why This DMAB Genderqueer Needs Feminism

CN: TRANSPHOBIA, SEXISM, DEPRESSION, SELF-HARM I wasn’t always a feminist. Sure, I always believed in equal rights for people of all genders, but in my twenties I bought all the stereotypes about feminists: they hated men, they all wore Birkenstocks, they were all lesbians, they didn’t shave their armpits, and they …